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    Luke & Ange – Heritage Rebuild / Custom Home, Scarborough

Luke & Ange – Heritage Rebuild / Custom Home, Scarborough

We were referred to 32 Degrees Building by our architect in Wollongong. Everything was prompt and on time from the initial enquiry through to receiving the quote. We checked references and thought the feedback was good so we were happy to proceed, while still having a lot of the regular concerns about building.

We expected the whole thing to be very stressful and a bit of a disaster, but it was actually very low stress. Denny and Cameron were on top of everything and we really felt that we could trust them to manage the project well. The whole team were great overall and always knew what was happening when and we do think that they delivered on everything they promised.

Our tiny 120 year old miner’s cottage was originally earmarked to be a heritage extension, but when asbestos removal and demolition commenced it become obvious the existing older parts were severely dilapidated and it became mostly a new home as they were unable to save a lot of the heritage section. We are incredibly proud to have had our new home featured on Australia’s Best Houses too!