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December 7, 2018

Energy-Saving Tips for Your Home Lighting

With the price of crude oil forecasted to rise in the coming years, you can expect power rates to follow suit. Paying more for your electricity bill can wreak havoc on your tight household budget. Luckily, there are ways to help cushion the impact of higher living costs. You can implement measures to lessen power consumption, thereby saving money. One of these is to save energy on your home lighting.

Steps to more cost-effective home lighting

Do you know that about a quarter of your electricity bill comes from lighting? Minimising consumption doesn’t suggest you have to live in the dark. Lights do account for a significant portion of your power use, but thanks to technological advances and some practical steps that you can apply right away, it is possible to consume less power. Besides, conserving energy means you’re also doing your part in preserving the environment.

Here are some tips on greener and more economical living without compromising the illumination of your home;

  • Always switch off the lights in rooms that are not being used or occupied. You may need some time to develop this habit if this isn’t your usual practice. If you think you won’t ever remember switching off the lights, consider installing timers or motion-sensor switches instead. These special-purpose devices will do the job automatically for you.

  • Make use of low-wattage bulbs in areas that need to be illuminated for longer times, such as the porch or a dark hallway that need to be lit overnight. If you replace a 75-watt bulb with one that is rated at only 15 watts, energy usage is cut by as much as 80%.

  • Mount task lights in spots where you do most of your productive work. These can be near the kitchen counter, crafts table, reading chair, bedroom dresser, or bathroom vanity. This way, you don’t have to turn on the high-output ceiling light when performing specific tasks.

  • Your lighting needs vary throughout the day, depending on how bright or dark it is outside. Setting up dimmer controls in your home lighting system will allow you to adjust interior lighting in accordance with natural light fluctuations.

  • If possible, have a one-to-one pairing between switches and bulbs, so you don’t turn on multiple lights with a single switch.

  • Make sure that the fittings you pick allow maximum illumination. Some lighting accessories, especially those that feature coloured fabric or glass, can diminish light by as much as 50%.

  • Sometimes, it’s just a matter of being diligent with household maintenance. Regularly cleaning glass windows and dusting off bulbs and their fixtures will allow more light rays to shine through.

  • Shift to lighting that’s energy-efficient. Light fixtures that utilise energy efficiently have the same brightness as regular bulbs but have lower wattage; thus, they consume less power when switched on. So, the next time a light bulb in your house gets busted, consider replacing it with a low-energy alternative.

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and light emitting diodes (LED) cost more than the conventional ones. However, CFLs and LEDs are worth investing in since they last much longer and utilise a mere 10% to 20% of the energy consumed by standard incandescent lights. Ultimately, you will recoup what you paid for via less frequent light replacements and savings on your electricity bill.


You can learn more about the advantages of energy-efficient lights here.

Exploit natural light so you can minimize the use of artificial lights during the daytime. Natural light is supplied free of charge, and you can use as much as you want. Here are some creative ways to make the most out of the natural light that enters your home:

  • Incorporate more reflective surfaces in your décor like mirrors, metal fittings, glossy floor tiles, and chandeliers.

  • Don’t position large furniture pieces beside windows. They will block or reflect the light back outside.

  • Window treatments make a big difference. Instead of thick, dark-coloured curtains that block out the sun, drape your windows with fabrics in lighter hues. The curtains will allow light to enter while still maintaining enough privacy.

  • Skylights are excellent options of brightening up a gloomy and dark space in your home. If the area is not directly under the rooftop, a solar tube is a suitable alternative. Solar tubes employ pipes with reflective surfaces to bring external light inside the house.


You don’t have to be nervous every time the power company delivers your monthly bill. With the above steps in place, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that you still have some extra cash left in your pocket after your household expenses have all been paid for.

Talk to us about upgrading your existing lights to LED downlights when building your addition.


September 26, 2018

Turn your home into a smart home of the future with 32 Degrees Building 

Just For You – Smart Home Security System


When you choose to proceed with us as your builder of choice, we will also include the supply and install of a smart home security system as a gift for you and your family.

We don’t advertise that we do this, we don’t use it as a selling point, we just feel that the safety of you and your family is paramount and we want to help by providing a smart home security solution to you that will make you and your family have that extra added security in your home.


Smart Home Security Solution:
This solution allows you to have complete control of your home security system from your smartphone/iPad/tablet.

We will install 4 x 5MP cameras so that you have complete monitoring of your home inclusive of advanced remote viewing. The cameras are HD picture quality which also have night vision ensuring you can record CCTV footage clearly. They have been known to record number plates up to 45M away. In addition to the cameras we will also provide 5 PIR Sensors and a front door locking system allowing you to arm and disarm your system remotely or from home.

This system will allow your home to notify you by email in the event of your alarm being set off. You will be able to log into the Snaplink App and view your cameras and choose to unlock/disarm your front door from your mobile phone and/or selected devices.


Let’s Get Technical:
What you will receive;
– An 8 Channel POE NVR and 4 cameras
– Network Video Recorder to plug into router
– Omni LTe Controller Kit
– Standard Electric Door Strike /w Professional Locksmith Install
– Alarm console/keypad
– Cat 6 Outlet at Omni Lte
– 5 x PIR Sensors

Onsite training and set up will be provided to you.



Terms and Conditions:
– You must an active have internet connection for this system to be installed
– You must provide your own smartphone/iPad/Tablet and you will need to purchase the Snaplink phone app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store in order to use the system
– This smart home security solution that we are going to provide to you is valued at over $7,000 and is not transferable or redeemable for cash


There are add-on packages available such as additional cameras, lighting control, intercom, energy management, multi room audio, blind control and more. If you are interested in discussing these addons, please let us know and we can provide pricing options for you

September 21, 2018

The Lemme Family – Ground Floor Extension, Bulli

32 Degrees Building completed an extension and renovation of our heritage listed home in Bulli in February 2018.

Before we engaged with 32 Degrees, finding a builder had been an absolute nightmare for us. Many would come for an onsite appointment but then not send a quote, some wouldn’t even bother showing up. Not being happy with our local options, we decided to look outside our immediate area and after some online research found 32 Degrees Building. 32 Degrees’ initial price guidance range was within our expectations so we proceeded to get a full quote and were very impressed to receive it just two days after our appointment with Alistair! The quote itself was detailed, clear to understand and reasonable when compared to other quotes received.

After initially expecting to start in January 2018, 32 Degrees rescheduled their work to get us started at the end of October 2017 and we were at lock up before Christmas. This was a pleasant surprise since many builders were talking of a 6-12 month wait to start the job. They completed their part of the job in February, which was in line with our expectations and also faster than indicated by most other builders we had spoken with. Variations were reasonably priced and only incurred as options that we requested during the construction phase.

During the build, Denny our project manager and Cameron our supervisor were excellent to deal with and always available to answer questions. They were flexible and also gave valuable suggestions to parts of the job that required decisions or where we wanted to change something. Additionally, all of 32 Degrees’ tradesmen were very friendly and our neighbours even commented on this to us.

Victoria and Rosie provide fantastic client support through the whole process. We were always able to reach someone at 32 Degrees when the need arose. Since we have moved in 32 Degrees has also been very responsive to any issues that arise. We appreciate that they do not forget about you once they have been paid.

Overall, we were most impressed by their professionalism, speed and quality. The complete transformation of the house blew us away and has changed the way we live, all for the better. Everyone that has seen the house has also been really impressed by the quality of the work and how it turned out.

We would definitely work with 32 Degrees again on future building projects and have not hesitated to recommend them to family and friends.

The Lemme family

September 20, 2018

Chris & Tony – First Floor Addition, Bradbury

“32 Degrees Building were great. Everything ran so smoothly, the work was finished a lot quicker than we expected and the team were fantastic. Nothing was ever a problem and we always knew what was going on. We love our new addition and would gladly use 32 Degrees Building again.”

September 20, 2018

Trent & Julianne – Ground Floor Extension, Picton

To Alistair, Denny and everyone that is part of 32 Degrees,

Where can I start? From the day you were recommended to us, we had such high expectations and a great feeling about you. From the first time you came to our house, you were everything we wanted in our builders – and more!

At every stage throughout this process we have felt very looked after and in VERY capable hands. All of your suggestions turned out to be spot on with our taste and in so many aspects it has turned out even better than we imagined.

For us, this has been years in the planning and as you can imagine it is so much more than just a house. Because of you all, we now have the beautiful home we have dreamed of.

Thank you for being so hardworking, reliable, honest, trustworthy, dedicated, and polite and determined to meet my (extremely!) high standards with an ever growing list of things to check on. To say we are happy would be a massive understatement!

All of your boys have done you proud and we will go out of our way to recommend you to anyone in need of your services. While it isn’t enough, thank you so, SO much.

September 20, 2018

Peter & Perri – Extension & Deck, Balgownie

We got 5 different quotes before choosing 32 Degrees Building. Alistair was always very responsive and punctual, with the quote being detailed and clear so we felt comfortable going ahead. Denny was really easy going and very accommodating of what we wanted to do, a great project manager. We felt really well informed and everything was transparent and easy to understand.

The boys worked very hard and efficiently, there was always something going on. They were always on time, polite and well spoken. We think the price is a definite reflection of the quality of work and are really happy with the finished extension. We’ve already referred a couple of our friends to 32 Degrees and would happily use them again in future.

September 20, 2018

Mark & Hannah – Ground Floor Extension, Picton

We consulted a number of builders before settling on 32 Degrees. Their price was comparable to the others but first impressions count and Alistair was really likable and great to deal with right from the start. The team were hardworking, friendly and approachable and we were surprised by how easy it all was.

Denny and Adam were fantastic project managers, always communicating with us and providing solutions to any issues along the way. We’re so happy with the quality of the finished work and it looks exactly how we wanted it to. We felt really comfortable and at ease through the whole process, and have already recommended 32 Degrees to our friends interesting in building.

September 20, 2018

Luke & Ange – Heritage Rebuild / Custom Home, Scarborough

We were referred to 32 Degrees Building by our architect in Wollongong. Everything was prompt and on time from the initial enquiry through to receiving the quote. We checked references and thought the feedback was good so we were happy to proceed, while still having a lot of the regular concerns about building.

We expected the whole thing to be very stressful and a bit of a disaster, but it was actually very low stress. Denny and Cameron were on top of everything and we really felt that we could trust them to manage the project well. The whole team were great overall and always knew what was happening when and we do think that they delivered on everything they promised.

Our tiny 120 year old miner’s cottage was originally earmarked to be a heritage extension, but when asbestos removal and demolition commenced it become obvious the existing older parts were severely dilapidated and it became mostly a new home as they were unable to save a lot of the heritage section. We are incredibly proud to have had our new home featured on Australia’s Best Houses too!

September 20, 2018

Rob – First Floor Addition, Harrington Park

“I haven’t built before and didn’t really have any idea of what was involved and I wanted a builder that could look after everything for me, from start to finish without any hidden costs. I found that the reality of the build was beyond my expectations – I didn’t have any issues with noise or dust and the 32 Degrees Building Team were brilliant, Denny (Project Manager) in particular was fantastic. The team were very friendly and respectful of multiple people still living in the house. The quality and workmanship we have received is definitely reflective of the price and I would definitely use 32 Degrees Building again and happily refer them to others seeking an addition to their home.”

September 20, 2018

Greg & Emma – Ground Floor Extension, Camden

We were referred to 32 Degrees Building from a friend who had had some work done by Alistair and the team. From the first time we met him, we liked Alistair. He was punctual and all communication was clear and prompt, and the price was very reasonable.

We were a bit nervous about the build process. Having heard how much of a nightmare doing building work can be, we were expecting the worst but the whole job went really well and was completed in a timely manner. Denny and Adam were a pleasure to have as project managers, they were very approachable, polite and well spoken. There was nothing that was a problem, both were able to come up with solutions to our problems and were innovative in their thinking with regards to design and functionality ideas.

The team were fantastic and always on the go, working quickly and efficiently at all times. They went out of their way to make things easier for our family, and were very respectful of our children as we still lived in our home throughout the whole process.

We would happily use 32 Degrees Building again, they’re a great team and we’re really happy with our finished home.