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Plan - Manage - Build

Our proven process is designed to help customise your requirements, avoid cost traps and make sure we achieve your vision for your home with minimum disruption, intrusion and mess.

When you first contact 32 Degrees Building, we will invite you to complete what we call a pre-quote enquiry form via our website. This is a questionnaire designed to help us service your enquiry better and gain a clear understanding of your needs, time frame and budget. Once this has been received, the builder will review your responses (and any supporting documentation that you may have supplied) and we will contact you within 24-48 business hours after completing a pre-site assessment for you.

When this is complete, we can then arrange a time for the builder to visit you and your family at your home to discuss your project in greater detail.

Our consultation fee with our builder is only $495* which enables us to provide you with a premium service and deliver a tailored in-depth professional build cost estimate to you via email 2-3 days later – guaranteed


*The consultation fee will be credited towards our services should you choose to engage us as your builder for your project. (this is effective as of end Jan 2018)

*Any guide prices discussed are to be used as a general indicative guide only to help you understand the financial viability of your proposed project. An accurate build cost can only be determined upon consultation with the builder at your home where a site assessment can be carried out. The variables that can affect a guide price are; levels of property, bushfire prone area, flood affected area, service connections, original condition of existing home, scope of works and level of finishes/inclusions discussed with client.

It is recommended at this stage to have sought pre-approval from your lender to understand your borrowing capacity.

Now that we have conducted your pre-site assessment and understand your enquiry, we can then arrange a time for the builder to visit you and your family at your home so that you can then obtain your detailed build cost estimate. During your consultation, the builder will discuss your main objectives and provide recommendations surrounding your budget, offering solutions and suggestions on products, layout and how to get the most from your investment.

This site visit and consultation enables the builder to tailor a building solution specific to your needs, while assessing;

  • Electricity, water, gas, stormwater connections
  • Access to your property
  • Slope/Levels of your property
  • Trees and landscaping
  • Positioning of a proposed structure and;
  • Distance from other structures and;
  • Demolition required


Your detailed build cost estimate will outline and explain your Preliminary Costs, the Build Cost and also any requested Optional Extras. All of our quotes are valid for 30 days.

Our consultation fee is only $495* which enables us to provide you with a premium service and deliver a tailored in-depth build cost estimate to you via email 2-3 business days – guaranteed

For more information about a consultation with the builder, read our blog: Why you should invest in a paid consultation for your build

*The consultation fee will be credited towards our services should you choose to engage us as your builder for your project. (this is effective as of end Jan 2018)

When you have confirmed that you are ready to proceed with your detailed build cost estimate, we will arrange for you to sign our Preliminary Agreement.

Our Preliminary Agreement confirms that you have chosen to engage with us as your builder and enables us to allocate your build to our upcoming project schedule. It will also enable us to liaise and coordinate with the relevant bodies on your behalf to prepare everything ahead of the build commencing.

Our Preliminary Agreement fee starts from $6,000

If you do not already have plans, part of our service is to organise for a building designer to assist you with the plans and design process. This is will be included in our Preliminary Agreement if required

We can arrange for our draftsman to consult with you at your home and discuss your project requirements. From there we will then provide you with plans based upon your specifications and work hand in hand with you and the draftsman to ensure your plans continue to work within your build cost estimate.

We are able to offer the latest in 3D walkthrough technology and VR so that you can see your plans come to life on the screen which can help you with the visualisation of your proposed project – this is provided at no additional cost to you

When you are happy with the final design, we will then prepare the full architectural plans and supporting documentation required for submission of the Development Application and Construction Certificate OR Complying Development Certificate to your local council.

In our experience, obtaining council approval can take approximately 4-8 weeks.

On approval of the Development Application and the Construction Certificate OR Complying Development Certificate the build cost can then be finalised with you.

We will then prepare the HIA Residential Fixed Price Building Contract for you and invite you to meet with the builder and our selections coordinator at our office to run through them and explain the stages of the build with you so you can understand what to expect.

At this stage, you will need to submit the contract to your lender so that you can finalise your finance approval and confirm your progress payments.

Construction will commence on the specified date given to you by our project manager who will come out to meet with you beforehand to introduce himself and confirm your plans and details with you.

It is during this initial meeting with your project manager that we will request the builders copy of the signed contract back with the Confirmation of Mortgage Settlement from your lender or evidence of owner capacity to pay the full contract price has been received.

While you are waiting for construction to commence, the office will schedule appointments for you to meet with our suppliers as required to discuss and confirm your fixture and finishing choices with you.

During construction, your project manager will manage the entire build progress of your job and keep you up to date on each step of the process. Safety for you and your family are paramount at all times throughout the construction period, and our team will do their best to minimise the mess, dust and intrusion to your home reducing the disruption to your daily lives.

When all works are complete, a suitable time will be arranged for a full inspection of your home. Upon receipt of final payment, we will issue you with the warranties and relevant certificates.

Don’t worry; our involvement does not end here!

We will touch base and conduct a final meeting with you to ensure that you are happy at the end of the project. This will also allow you to provide us with feedback on our service to you.

We are always on hand for you to call to let us know if you have any problems even once the project is over.

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