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How can I obtain a quote?

To start the process of obtaining a quote from us we ask that you fill in your information on the contact us page. Once your contact information has been entered it will take you through to our questionnaire. Here, we ask you for a basic outline of your enquiry to see if we are able to assist you. This will ask you about the number and type of rooms you are looking to add to your home, the basic type of materials you would like to use such as roofing and flooring. We will also ask whether you have plans, what your budget is and your timeframes for the build. – If you already have plans and/or DA/CC/CDC approval, please attach them to the questionnaire along with any additional surveys, engineering plans, reports that you may have.

Once we have received your details, the builder will review the information and we will contact you for further details or to schedule an appointment for him to meet with you ahead of providing you with a detailed quote.

I don’t know what my budget is, why do I have to provide one?

Don’t overthink this! We don’t expect you to know how much the build will cost. However, as the home owner you will have an idea of how much you have/can borrow to complete the works. We need to know this so that we can advise you if this amount is realistic. We don’t want to waste your time and we will be honest and upfront with you right from the start.

I don’t have plans, I don’t know where to start, I just want someone to manage the entire process, can you do this!?

Yes we can.

We can organise and coordinate all of your preliminaries required ahead of the build starting. This includes; arranging for our draftsman to meet with you to design your plans, lodge your documents to Council and obtain all necessary surveys, plans, certificates and more that are required before the build can start.

We understand that the building process can be quite daunting and so from start to finish we will be there every step of the way to manage the build for you and provide you with one main point of contact.

What is included in your bathroom package?

Depending on your preferences and requirements, we will provide you with options for items required for your build.

Details of our Bathroom Package can be found here.

Ahead of the commencement of your build, we will coordinate appointments with our suppliers so that you can meet with them and confirm your product selections with us. We have secured trade accounts with our local suppliers which means that we can purchase products at lower than retail prices for you.

How much does a first floor addition or ground floor extension cost to build?

There are many variables involved when quoting a home extension or addition and no two quotes are the same so it’s hard for us to provide an accurate m2 cost until we have gone through the enquiry process with you to understand what you need.

The factors that we take into consideration when providing you with an estimate are; the type of rooms (bathroom, kitchen, living areas), the size of the rooms and type of materials (brick, cladding, tile, tin), allowances (floor coverings, kitchen, bathroom products, painting) etc…

To receive an estimate from us please contact us and complete the questionnaire. Once received one of our consultants will be in touch to discuss your requirements in greater detail.

Is it better to build a ground floor extension or a first floor addition?

It is easier and quicker to build a first-floor addition and as we’re building up it means that you won’t lose any valuable land space while you are maximising the space in your home. With a ground floor extension there is a concrete slab, piers, footings, excavation and dirt removal costs to consider which can take more time and cost more money.

When constructing a first-floor addition we work from the top of your home and build up. This means that we do not need to enter your existing home until we install the stairs and undertake any downstairs renovations. This minimises the dust and disruption to you and your family’s daily lives while you are still living in the home.

How long will a first floor addition / ground floor extension / new home take to build?

Generally, we allow 12-16 weeks for a first-floor addition or ground floor extension and 6 months for a new home

The timeframes can be longer depending on the size of the build, the type of inclusions and for forces outside of our control such as wet weather, supplier delays.

Knockdown rebuild vs Extending your home

A lot of people contact us and ask us if it’s cheaper to knock down and rebuild rather than extending and improving on their existing home.

Our answer? Quite simply. No.

If you can, it is always recommended to extend and improve on your existing home. To knock down your home would mean that you have to relocate for the duration of the build so you need to allow for removalist and storage costs plus rental fees for at least 6 months.

There is also the added cost of demolition and waste removal of an entire home as well as disconnecting and reconnecting your services plus not forgetting the cost of providing everything new including flooring, fittings, landscaping, driveway etc…

Do we have to move out while the building works for my home extension are going on?

Only if you want to! You can still live in your home while we carry out your extension works. Safety for your family is our number 1 concern and our project manager will communicate any potential risks to you ahead of the build starting.

When adding a first-floor addition to your home, we won’t need to disturb you until we need to install the stairs and carry out any ground floor renovations.

With a ground floor extension we minimise the dust and mess coming into your home by putting up protective walls while we are working on the extension.

Your site supervisor will keep you updated on the progress stages of the job so that you know which part of the house they will be working on at any given time.

Can I add a first floor addition to my home even if it is not made from brick?

Absolutely, we can add a second storey addition onto any home and haven’t yet come across one that we couldn’t.

During the Construction Certificate process, we will obtain a first-floor structural engineers certificate to confirm that your home is structurally sound. The engineer will advise as to whether additional steel is required to support the structure of your addition.

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Can I add a first floor addition to my home if it has steel frames?

Unfortunately, we cannot add a first-floor addition/second storey addition onto your home if it has steel frames. The reason for this is because steel frames are not designed to withstand a load on top them. A house built with steel frames needs to be built as a two-storey home when it is initially built. 

If you would like to add more room to your home and you have steel frames you can build a ground floor extension.

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