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    MWLP – Business of the month!

MWLP – Business of the month!

We are excited to announce that we are MWLP – Linking Youth’s APRIL ‘Business of the month’!

We are proud to support local youth in our area and as part of winning our director Alistair got to catch up with MWLP and we have our very own podcast on iTunes devoted to who we are and what we’re about. You can listen to Alistair have a chat to MWLP about work placement students here:

A little bit about us and our involvement with MWLP.….we have been involved with MWLP for the last 5 years acting as a host employer to students looking to complete work placement in the Construction industry. Each week we have 2-3 students come and join our team across our sites and these are students who show an interest in the construction industry and want to test out carpentry and construction before committing to a career in the field. By taking on these students it gives them a chance to decide if this is something they wish to pursue but it also gives us a chance to see how they go onsite, work placement for us has resulted in carpentry apprentices being offered.

Are you a work placement student looking to secure an apprenticeship? These are the key traits that we would watch out for:

  • Respectfulness & politeness
  • Presentation – your appearance, even onsite, is important
  • Time management & reliability
  • Listening to and following instructions
  • Motivation, enthusiasm and ease of communication with team members