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    32 Degrees Building Quality Assurance Program

32 Degrees Building Quality Assurance Program

32 Degrees Building cares about the quality and finish of your build. Our Quality Assurance Program ensures that throughout and at the end of the build a clear picture of the quality and completeness of the construction is achieved.

Our Quality Assurance Program includes a progress inspection and a final inspection which is undertaken by an independent building inspector. The inspections we conduct are as follows:

Progress Inspection: The building consultant will thoroughly inspect frames & trusses, cavity drainage and flashings, brickwork & thresholds at the lock-up and rough-in stage ahead of the plasterboard being installed.

Final Inspection: The building consultant will undertake a comprehensive inspection of all new internal and external areas ahead of handover and before the signoff of practical completion is reached.

These reports will highlight defects (if any) that require us to attend to and upon finalisation of the Progress Inspection and Final Inspection, a Certificate is issued confirming that all Quality Assurance requirements have been met.

The abovementioned inspections are conducted in addition to the principal certifying authority (PCA) inspections and engineering inspections and will as a whole ensure that the highest quality build has been provided to you at handover.